I visited Georgia in 2015 during some torrential rainstorms shich caused a bit of flooding — stil I managed to look around most parts of the capital city though wasn’t able to trek the nearby mountains. Tbilisi (meaning “warm water” in the local language) is a nice place to visit, surrounded by nature and flowing with its culture and tasty cuisine.

Here are some scenes on arrival, showing the city nestled in valley along a river and its modern airport:

Doing a driving tour of the city’s main areas

Exploring some of the architectural marvels along the riverfront

Views of the city from cable car ride and top of the hill

Taking a funicular train up the mountain, where there’s an amusement park and some recreational facilities overlooking the city

Visiting the main cathedral complex

Exploring some parts of the city to get a better sense of its charm and character!

Out in the central area by night and trying some local food