I visited this enchanting capital city of Ireland in the summer of 2014, and had a good look around to soak in the lifestyle and culture. Was fortunate to have good weather during my time here and was able to sit comfortably on open-top bus tour of the area and do lots of walking as well. The town in famous for its vibrant nightlife and food venues at the center, but also some modern business complexes on the outskirts as one of Europe’s leading tech hubs.

Let’s start with some pictures in the central area from O’Connell Street (the main thoroughfare) with the tall metal spire, down to the lively riverfront

Dublin’s famous bar district just south of the river banks, by day and evening

Dublin’s architecture — some of its unique historic and newer buildings

The ultra-modern and trendy Docklands district, with a presence of many Silcon Valley tech companies