I came to Portugal in 2015 as part of a family trip. Lisbon has its special charm as the historic capital of a global maritime empire, with a legacy of daring discovers and explorers like da Gama and Magellan. Neighboring the Atlanic ocean, the city has maintained its cultural and religious visual identity with a colorful colonial architectural style. More recently the ciy has become one of Europe’s hubs for young entrepeneurs and tech startups.

Some aerial shots to show the city’s setting near some cliffs and river gorges:

The quiant and majestic apartment-hotel we stayed in

Some mixed pictures from walking around the vibrant streets &alleys, public squares, and waterfront areas of the city

Views of the city from some hilltop cafes

Visiting one of the famous cathedrals here

Exploring some of the more modern parts of the city

Taking a coastal cable-car ride by the fancy Myriad hotel

Attending a folkloric dinner show at a traditional tavern in the lively nightlife district