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Tangier is a charming little city on the north coast of Morocco, facing the Mediterranean and very close to Spain. I visited here in the autumn of 2022, and was lucky to have local hosts (business partners) to give me some personalized tours! I explored the coastal area and historic center (old town) where I…

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Addis Ababa

This is the capital city of Ethiopia, at an elevation over 2,300m (which makes the weather pleasant and clean around most of he year). I visited here in the summer of 2022 and was surprised to see the modern skyline which shows significant growth in the city’s economy and infrastructure. Wasn’t able to visit the…

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This is the modern capital city of Kazakhstan, which has been built up and expanded in recent years. I visited here in late summer of 2022 and was impressed to see the wide, clean roads and iconic building style. The central area is artistically adorned with urban parks, statues and a large ball tower which…

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I first visited this nice, modern city in autumn 2021, shortly after travel to Canada had reopened after the pandemic. Calgary is the largest city of the oil-rich province of Alberta, and a gateway to the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains nearby. I spent a few days here admiring the vibrant urban scene and then visited…

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Arizona certainly holds a special place in my heart, as it is home to my alma mater — I’ve lived here for a few years back in the late 90s while attending university. I came back to visit many times since then of course as I’ve had some friends in the area, and also just…

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Abu Dhabi

As I have lived in the UAE for several years (mainly Dubai), I have visited this capital city on various occasions and saw some of the unique attractions such as the Grand Mosque, Emirates Palace, Corniche/Marina waterfront area, Yas Island & Ferrari World, as well as the modern architecture all around. I was also fortunate…

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I visited the Greek capital in the winter of 2013, near Christmas time. I had the luck of visiting the famous Acropolis temple during a cloudy sunset, and saw some stunning vies of the ancient ruins and the the whole city bathed in golden sunlight. Also walked around the bustling lit up with decoration for…

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I visited this charming Scottish capital in the summer of 2014, and was taken by its elegant Gothic architechtural style with lots of modernity mixed in. Lucked out with a nice sunny day here and had a chance to capture the essence and deep historical cultures of this city in some photos. Took an open…

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I’ve certainly visited the “City of Lights” on a number of occasions, as there is always something more to see or do here. Paris really needs no intro or explanation as it’s such a well-known place, receiving millions of eager tourists each year. As it’s famous sites and musuems are thoroughly covered by travel review…

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I visited this elegant city in the summer of 2015 (planned it for a summer of course, winters here to be avoided!) Neighboring both mountain and sea, this area offer some spectacular scenic views in addition to being a chic European capital with touches of history as well. I especially like the famous Opera House…

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I visited this lovely city in October 2010, fortunately in time for the country’s National Day (10/10) which features lots of cultural celebrations and displays. On this short visit I had a chance to visit the famous Taipei 101 tower (by evening only) and also the popular night markets full of colorful street foods. Arriving…

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I visited Osaka along with other Japanese cities in October 2013. The biggest thing that caught my attention here was the extensive street shopping district in the middle of town known as Namba — literally the lighted and buzzing streets stretch out as far as the eye can see! (click on any photos to enlarge…

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