First visited this huge, bustling city in 2013, then came back several times in the following years for some business trips. I was surprised by how modern it has become, though still having roads choked by traffic congestions. I toured many parts of city including the historic monuments, coast side, and central financial district. The first pictures below are from my initial long visit and more recnts ones are shown further down.

Some pictures of the city from my hotel window, showing the characteristic orange rooftops that most houses have

Touring the busy streets of the central district, with some run-down buildings alongside lavish hotels and shopping malls

Inside one of the huge modern malls, Grand Indonesia

Walking around some of the touristy areas full of street performers, local crafts and bazaars

Some popular tasty local dishes

Visiting a recreational area by the waterfront with some amusement rides and activities

Visiting some of the large, ornate mosques and churches in the city

The Indonesian National Monument and exhibits inside it

A collection of some newer photos from more recent visits in 2016-17, mainly showing the more modern areas and malls

Lastly, some unqiue views of the city under some heavy clouds and rain!