First visited this huge, bustling city in 2013, then came back several times in the following years for some business trips. I was surprised by how modern it has become, though still having roads choked by traffic congestions. I toured many parts of city including the historic monuments, coast side, and central financial district. The […]

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This is Indonesia’s second-largest city, and I have a short visit here in 2017. Transportation infrastructure is lacking here compared to Jakarta and it takes longer times to get around these small, crowded roads. I stayed at perhaps the only nice hotel which is connected to a large mall in the center area, and toured […]

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I visited Bali one time for a conference in 2017, and to most people’s surprise, didn’t like it at all! For an island that’s supposed to be very popular for tourism and well-prepared for receiving them, I was shocked with the standards I saw there. From the moment I arrived at the airport I was […]

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