I visited this vibrant, bustling city in the fall of 2013 when it was mostly cloudy and rainy. As its reptation may imply, Tokyo is quite large and crowded and also full of culture and colors! Got a chance to tour the town over a few days and check out some the foods and iconic places.

Arriving into the busy train station, and walking around a bit:

Exploring the famous Akihabara area (known for electronics and anime shops) and some other street shopping areas

Visiting the city’s main historic temple & gardens

Walking around the central parts of the city at night, including the popular Roppongi sqaure and Shibuya crossing

Some views from my hotel window and also from various high towers in the city

Exploring the waterfront at Tokyo Bay and the iconic Fuji TV building

Some views while taking the city trains through the business district

Exploring some of Tokyo’s lavish shopping & dining areas by night, starting with Harajuku

And lastly some night views of the city from a high observation deck