I visited this lovely city in October 2010, fortunately in time for the country’s National Day (10/10) which features lots of cultural celebrations and displays. On this short visit I had a chance to visit the famous Taipei 101 tower (by evening only) and also the popular night markets full of colorful street foods.

Arriving and exploring some inner parts of the city on the way to big tower:

Walking around the city center area which is full of impressive buildins, shopping malls, footbridges, and of course lots of people walking around enjoying all that!

Going up the tower to take some night views of the city

Some external views of the tower and the colorful structures around it by night

Visiting the city’s vibrant night markets with a variety of unique street foods on display

Seeing the National Day celebrations by some histrocis temples, with lots of folkloric displays and huge colorful floats

The city’s modern and eye-catching airport