I visited this elegant city in the summer of 2015 (planned it for a summer of course, winters here to be avoided!)

Neighboring both mountain and sea, this area offer some spectacular scenic views in addition to being a chic European capital with touches of history as well. I especially like the famous Opera House and hyper-modern districts such as the Barcode Project and Aker Brygge harbor.

Some views of the business & shopping area around the central train station, where I was staying

Exploring some of the historic areas with beautiful royal palaces and gardens

Visitng the waterfront and harbor districts with incredible architecture, arts and open promenades — probably the most alluring real estate in the world!

Pictures from the majestic Opera House (around, inside and on top of it)

Come other views from the vibrant city center / cafe district, coincidentally there was a Latin festival going on at that time

Taking a short train ride up the nearby hills to get some panoramic views of the city & suburbs, surrounding fjords and waterways

The Barcode Project – a signature of Oslo’s modern designs