I visited this charming Scottish capital in the summer of 2014, and was taken by its elegant Gothic architechtural style with lots of modernity mixed in.

Lucked out with a nice sunny day here and had a chance to capture the essence and deep historical cultures of this city in some photos. Took an open bus tour here, went up the famous Edinburgh Castle and also visited some museums.

Arriving at the train station and doing a quick walkaround:

Here are some various scenes of the city from the bus, showing a mix of the older and newer areas

Going up to the castle to explore and the ground and get some panoramic views of the city from above — take notice of the cannon views with shifting focus!

Visiting the Scottish National War Memorial and St. Giles Cathedral

Exhibit pictures from the National Museum of Scotland

A variety of scenes from other parts of the city and outskirts

A few night scenes