I visited the Greek capital in the winter of 2013, near Christmas time. I had the luck of visiting the famous Acropolis temple during a cloudy sunset, and saw some stunning vies of the ancient ruins and the the whole city bathed in golden sunlight. Also walked around the bustling lit up with decoration for the holidays, and twisty alleyways filled with small shops and cafes. Nice colorful city — perhaps a bit too much color at times with graffiti having its way.

Let’s start with the evening Acropolis visit with pictures of the temple itself and panoramic views of the city below from the hilltop

Night-time stroll around the city’s shopping & dining disrticts with Christmas decorations

Visiting the Acropolis Museum with lots of ancient Greek artifacts

Exploring the narrow shopping streets, bazaars and cafes surrounding the ruins

Some colorful & trippy photo with the art filter on 🙂

The collection below is from a more recent visit in Nov 2019, starting with some aerial views on arrival — the beautiful Mediterranean coastline strewn with mountains and islands

Exploring the seaside areas near Athens with lots of cafes, harbors, and the elegant Four Seasons resort

Visiting the amazing library of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

Some views of the city from the rooftop of my hotel

Strolling around the central parts of town & trying out some local food

Some fresh pictures of the historic momuments