I visited Bali one time for a conference in 2017, and to most people’s surprise, didn’t like it at all! For an island that’s supposed to be very popular for tourism and well-prepared for receiving them, I was shocked with the standards I saw there.

From the moment I arrived at the airport I was pestered with hustlers offering sim cards, rides etc. and they followed me around until I had to hide! Then had to change hotels on arrival because the room was full of bugs, and they refused to return my money saying it was a normal thing there. Also at the seaside areas the roads are narrow and full of noisy/polluting trucks that totally distract from the island peace people go there to find. The only nice thing perhaps was the lavish, over-priced resort I stayed in for the conference.

Aside from all that, it’s probably just a matter of my personal opinion that I didn’t find the local culture attractive. Contrary to the colorful Hinduism exhibited in India, the brand practiced here tends to be dark/gloomy with scary-looking statues everywhere like in a horror movie. Probably won’t be back there any time soon!

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