This is a wonderful Australian city! I visited here in November 2012 and the weather was great.. was so impressed with the views that I ended up walking almost 12km on foot just to make sure I saw and photographed every nook of the city. I was mainly beguiled by the ultra-modern architecture in the new Digital Harbour area as well as the central and civic area by the river. I caught some views from the top of the highest tower (by day and night), took a full tour by boat, and strolled around the Crown Casino entertainment complex. Dining option are great here too.

Some pictures of the downtown area in the early evening around sunset, with peopls gathering in cafes by the riverfront

Downtown & central districts by night

Panoramic views of the city from top of the observation deck

Pictures from the crusie I took along the city’s waterways

Hanging around in the city center area to see what’s going on and what people do!

Some views from the above the city by night

Scenes from the amazing Digital Harbour area — some of the most dazzling architecture in town!

Some aerial views from the flight out

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