I visited this famous city in the summer of 2015. Barcelona is an exciting place that attracts lots of tourists, students, party people and sports enthusiasts alike! It benefits from breezy Mediterranean weather that makes it a bit coller in the summer than the south of Spain. Besides its globaal football fame, the city is also known for its unique architectural pieces designed by by Gaudi – lots of them shown in this photo collection.

Some views from the air on arrival, showing the vast city nestled between m,ountain and sea

A variety of scenes from the central parts of town, popular touristic spots and waterfront area

Exploring some of the modern parts of the city, such as the Olympic port and some business districts

The famous Sagrada Familia with its colorful spires, huge crowds of people waiting to get inside

A variety of landmarks around the city inclusing some museums, churches, gov’t buildings/palaces, iconic residential blocks, and the famous football stadium

Some colorful street markets, arts and displays

Scenes from the hilltop Park Guell (designed by Gaudi) and views of the city below