Arizona certainly holds a special place in my heart, as it is home to my alma mater — I’ve lived here for a few years back in the late 90s while attending university. I came back to visit many times since then of course as I’ve had some friends in the area, and also just to reminisce on my good times from the past! Besides tha largest city of Phoenix, I’ve explored the state’s many rugged mountainous escapes as well as its other cities such as Tucson and Flagstaff. The photos below are very recent, from a month-long visit I had in Spring 2020.

Some aerial photos of Phoenix and surrounding mountain ranges

Driving through downtown with its major civic centers and colorful building styles

Visiting the suburb of Tempe where Arizona State University is located, which had recently developed some high-rise towers and a nice waterfront area with office/resedential complexes

Climbing a rocky hill with stunning sunset views of the city below

Taking a road trip to the nearby Roosevelt Lake nestled in the mountains and surrounded by huge cactus

Visiting the city of Tucson, home to the vibrant University of Arizona campus and lots of outdoor scenery

The famous Sedona area known for its large red rocks and canyons — made the colors pop with the art filter

In and around Flagstaff, a high mountain area in Northern Arizona

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